Simplex Water Softener

Simplex Water Softeners are best suited to applications where there is a steady demand for moderate capacities of softened water over the course of a normal working day. Regeneration, during which time no supply to service is available, is then programmed to occur at a time when there is no demand (typically during the night). For this reason, Simplex Water Softeners are normally sized to give at least one days supply of softened water output before regeneration.

The initiation of the regeneration cycle can however also be controlled by water quality or volume produced (i.e. when the service water drops below a pre designated set point, be that ppm of hardness or m3 produced, regeneration will commence); this may be of benefit where treated water storage tanks are available to hold sufficient capacity to manage usage whilst the unit is temporarily out of service.

Typical applications for this style of water softener would be for

  • Laundry facilities
  • Commercial Glass & Dishwashing installations
  • Low usage boiler feed

Water Softeners are generally very reliable pieces of equipment however a small degree of regular attention is required to ensure that they continue to give good service over a long period.

A supply of appropriately graded high purity softener salt will be required for regular top up in the brine bin (for the production of the brine solution used in the regeneration process).

Available for immediate delivery from AllWater Technologies Ltd, this is most commonly supplied in 25kg bags as a granular or tablet style product.

Routine professional servicing by AllWater Technologies Ltd experienced service team is also strongly recommended, for peace of mind and continued operational performance.

For applications requiring a continuous, uninterrupted supply or large volume production of softened water, please visit our Duplex Water Softener or Bespoke Water Softener pages for further information.

pd5600 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 0.4 – 3m³/h 3/4″ BSPM
pd2750 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 3.4 – 5.5m³/h 1″ BSPM
pd2850 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 3.9 – 10m³/h 1½” BSPF
pd2910 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 3.4 – 5.5m³/h 2″ BSPF
pd3900 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 14 – 42m³/h 3″ BSPF
pdV132 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 0.6 – 4.5m³/h 1″ BSP
pdV230 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 4 – 8m³/h 1¼” BSP
pdV250 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 9 – 18m³/h 1½” BSP
pdV360 SIMPLEX SOFTENERS 20 – 40m³/h 2″ / 3″ BSP

AllWater Technologies Ltd offer a wide range of Water Softeners to suit all applications and requirements.

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