V-Notch Tanks & Outfall Monitoring

As part of their discharge consent license many companies are required to provide outfall monitoring of their waste stream. A V-notch tank is often a convenient option for providing outfall monitoring, offering a platform for a number parameters including pH, temperature and flow, amongst other things. The open nature of the tank allows easy access for sampling and visual monitoring of waste stream being discharged.

The “V” referred to in the name of the tank reflects the shape of the weir on the tank outlet over which the water flows before being passed to drain. By using a standard angle for the V-notch, height of water across the weir can be measured and flow extrapolated. This provides an accurate way of measuring flow and if monitored using a calibrated and certified instrument can offer flow monitoring in compliance with MCERTS.

AllWater Technologies Ltd offers a range of V-notch tanks and ultrasonic flow meters for monitoring a variety of flow rates. Ancillary plant items are also available for monitoring additional discharge parameters including pH meters and temperature monitors. Control options are also available offering historic trending of monitored outfall parameters and presentation of data for downloading to data stick or BMS to facilitate report writing.

We also offer a range of automatic samplers which can be mounted adjacent to the V-notch tank and linked to the ultrasonic flow meter to provide flow proportional sampling. A number of sampler options are available including refrigerated units. All instruments offered by AWT Ltd are in compliance with local water authority requirements.

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