Midi Range

The MIDI Reverse Osmosis range is designed with many advanced features as standard to reduce the need for additional controls and plumbing on site making the MIDI range competitive as a highly functional plug and play unit incorporating facilitation of future plant expansion. This flexibility is principally provided through the control system design. Some notable features include:-


  • Colour touch screen interface for RO monitoring and control providing continuous display of permeate conductivity, plant status and hours run.
  • High level of instrumentation with flow monitoring on permeate, concentrate and concentrate recycle.
  • Permeate recycle as standard to reduce water wastage and extend membrane life.
  • Alarm logging facility with storage available for 50+ alarms.
  • Common alarm signal available as volt free contact.
  • RO ‘in service’ signal available as volt free contact for softener control.
  • Automated Permeate quality monitoring and control.
  • Facility for sampling permeate from individual RO membrane vessels.
  • Full mechanical and electrical assembly on 304 stainless steel skid, complete with adjustable legs.
  • Small footprint required for installation.
  • Clean in place preparation.
  • Low energy membranes.
  • Options available for control of raw water and treated water pumps.
  • Full factory acceptance testing prior to delivery.


The pre-treated water supply is fed through a pre filter (5 μm filter element) and inlet solenoid before reaching the RO high pressure pump. High pressure water is then passed through semi-permeable membranes where water diffusion takes place, typically rejecting approx. 95% – 99% of contaminants. This purified water is referred to as permeate. The rejected water that does not pass through the membrane contains high concentrations of rejected ions and is known as concentrate. A portion of concentrate will be recycled through the RO with the remainder passed to drain.

Designed, built and tested at our UK manufacturing facility all AWT systems are fully supported with on-going preventative maintenance being provided for additional peace on mind by our national team of in-house engineers.

Other products in this range

An extensive range of cost effective AWT Reverse Osmosis models including the SUPER MINI, MINI & MAXI are available providing flow rates from 300 litres per hour to 25m³ per hour with additional pre and post treatment equipment to suit all applications.

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