Polymer Make-up and Dosing

AllWater Technologies Ltd provides a wide range of compact, dilution and delivery units for polymer concentrates.

The mixers are able to dissolve polymer concentrate flows between 0,004 l/hr to 54 l/hr and are divided into 3 series based on design and capacity.

  • In-line mixing, ensuring that preparation of the solution takes place in a continuous flow.
  • A pressure regulating valve to stabilize pressure variations in feed water supply.
  • Polymer delivery by peristaltic metering pump, which can be controlled by a 4-20 mA signal.
  • Unique multi zone system to ensure effective mixing and activation of liquid polymer without creating inactivated polymer solution in the form of “fish-eyes” or “angel-hair”.
  • Large mixing chamber providing sufficient time for polymer activation, made from non transparent material to guarantee that none of the activated polymer solution is destroyed by UV-light prior to dosing.
  • Transparent pipe on outlet to allow visual inspection of the diluted polymer solution.
POLYMOREMax. dilution water l/hMetering capacity of liquid polymer kg/h

As well as providing make-up and delivery solutions AllWater Technologies Ltd are able to offer a wide range of polymers to suit your requirements and are able to carry out tests on your waste stream to help assess the best product to suit your application. A wide range of dosing pumps is also available for delivery of polymer and other chemical reagents.

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