Organic Scavenger

Many naturally occurring surface waters contain dissolved organics, quantities varying with source and geographical location. These organics taint the water causing unwanted taste, colour and odour that, if left, will impair the performance of further water treatments such as Deionisation & Reverse Osmosis, and ultimately stain final product.

To reduce the level of organics being carried forward it is common, on highly contaminated waters, to employ an Organic Scavenger (OS). The OS Unit contains a strong base anion resin with a particular porous structure which captures the organic content by a number of different mechanisms.(For optimal performance a combination of polyacrylic & polystyrenic resins are often used providing the benefit of a greater reversible removal of organics on regeneration and the reduction of dissolved organics to low levels).

For smaller applications a quantity of OS resin may be combined with Water Softening resin to give a combined Water Softener/Organic Scavenger Unit; thus saving on both space & unnecessary expense.

Automatic regeneration, using either a standard or caustic brine solution, is completed against a timed or quality based measurement, keeping the resin beds free from contamination.

Organic Scavengers are generally very reliable pieces of equipment however a small degree of regular attention is required to ensure that they continue to give good service over a long period.

A supply of appropriately graded high purity softener salt will be required for regular top up in the brine bin (for the production of the brine solution used in the regeneration process). Available for immediate delivery from AllWater Technologies Ltd, this is most commonly supplied in 25kg bags as a granular or tablet style product.

Routine professional servicing by AllWater Technologies Ltd experienced service team is also strongly recommended, for peace of mind and continued operational performance.

AllWater Technologies Ltd offer a wide range of Organic Scavengers to suit all applications and requirements.

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