pH Correction Filter

Many borehole water or spring supplies have a pH of less than 7; such waters are considered to be acidic and potentially damaging causing staining and corrosion.

Treatment, by means of a pH correction filter, involves the use of a neutralising media, generally composed of crushed and processed limestone. This media dissolves into the water as it passes through the filter and the natural alkalinity of the filter media raises the pH. It is important to note however that due to the calcium level within the filtration media, the hardness of the water is also affected and may be expected to rise by around 50ppm. In such instances additional treatment by a water softener may also be required.

pdpH CORRECTION FILTER 0.6 – 10.7m³/h
pdpH CORRECTION FILTER 0.6 – 10.7m³/h

AllWater Technologies Ltd offer a wide range of filter media and standard pH Correction filters.

For larger applications bespoke systems can also be designed to suit individual needs.

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