Multi Media Filter

Multi-media filter is a term usually used to refer to a filter containing media layers of anthracite, graded sand & a lower gravel support bed; such filters are used primarily for removal of suspended solids (particulates sizes as low as 10-20 microns) & turbidity.

Periodic backwashing of the filter media carries away trapped solids to drain. Backwash initiation of small filters is typically carried out on a timed basis whilst larger filters sometimes employ measurement of differential pressure across the filter bed to initiate backwashing, or to act as a back-up to timed initiation.

pdMULTI MEDIA FILTER 0.6 – 10.7m³/h
pdMULTI MEDIA FILTER 0.6 – 10.7m³/h

AllWater Technologies Ltd offer a wide range of filter media and standard multi-media filters.

For larger applications bespoke systems can also be designed to suit individual needs.

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