Green Hydrogen Water Treatment Plant

The Hydrogen Water Treatment Plant is a commercially designed plug and play unit. Based on a standard product, each unit is created to accommodate the specific water source and electrolyser technology. Designed exclusively for pre-treating water, this bespoke unit is able to produce ultrapure water for electrolysis hydrogen generation.

Typically pre-treatment will consist of an Activated Carbon Filter for de-chlorination together with a latest generation Base Exchange Water Softener and a single or doublepass Reverse Osmosis Unit (with continuous electro-deionisation technology) to produce pure water.

· Bespoke design for every application.
· Full mechanical and electrical assembly on 304 stainless steel skid, complete with adjustable legs.
· Small footprint required for installation.
· Low energy membranes.
· Full factory acceptance testing at our UK works prior to delivery.

For green hydrogen production all electrolysers require ultrapure water as a feedstock. Typically 9ltrs of ultrapure water is required to produce approximately 1kg of hydrogen from the electrolysis process. Hydrogen (H2) is separated from the Oxygen (O) during electrolysis of water. Renewable energy from wind or solar sources provide the electricity to power the electrolyser. Through a series of pre-treatment stages, the ultrapure water required can be produced for electrolyser feedstocks.

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