Cartridge Filters

AllWater Technologies Ltd provides a range of cartridge filters to suit all applications. Our range, predominantly manufactured in the UK, includes

Depth Filters provide an inexpensive solution to filtration requirements particularly where the filtrate bears a high particulate loading. The graded porous media allows a high level of dirt trapping and retention whilst the extruded core of the filter offers a high collapse strength, the sum providing long filter service life and lower consumable cost.

Available as nominal or absolute rated filters this range offers removal of particulate from 1 � 200 microsiemens; filter lengths from 4 7/8″ � 40″ and filter media constructed of polypropylene, nylon, cotton fibres and glass fibre.

Filters can be supplied in standard format or as large diameter to suit your specific application and requirement.

Pleated & Membrane Filters offer a wider range of suitability, a number of options being available from the nominally rated Economy Polyester Pleated Range through to the absolute rated Polyethylene Pleated Range providing filtration at >99.98% removal (at the stated rating) temperature.

  • Our Economy Range is designed to maximise dirt holding capacity and minimise pressure drop at high flow rates. The polyester media is bacteria and chemical resistant and has an extremely high wet strength offering an ideal solution for pre and final filtration of a wide variety of processes, giving long service life at minimal cost.
  • Our Premier Range comprises absolute rated pleated cartridges constructed using technically advanced, carefully specified, high quality filter media. From general purpose use to fine particulate removal, pre-filtration duties and microbial reduction in pure water systems, these filters, batch numbered to enable full traceability, offer a cost effective solution across a broad range of applications.
  • Our Ultra Range, manufactured under clean environmental conditions, provides the highest possible standard of quality assurance and performance. All products are fusion bonded into pure polypropylene hardware. The absence of any adhesives results in low extractables and simplifies the assessment of chemical compatibility.

Available in filter lengths from 97/8″ to 40″ and rated from 0.2 � 100 microsiemens filters can be supplied in standard format or as large diameter to suit your specific application and requirement.

Activated Carbon Filters – Most towns water sources in the UK contain free chlorine to reduce the level of bacteria present in the water however this can add taste & odour and as a strong oxidant, can also attack water treatment medias such as ion exchange resin and reverse osmosis membranes. Activated carbon provides effective removal of such contaminants.

Our range of radial flow activated carbon filters available in lengths from 97/8″ � 40″ offer the benefit of a pre filtration layer (to intercept gels and large particles) and high quality extruded carbon providing long service life and superior absorption performance.

Filter Housings to suit all your requirements are detailed on our additional pages, S/S Filter Housings and Plastic Filter Housings.

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