Industrial Wastewater Treatment

In today’s challenging environment, companies with wastewater streams operate with the dual pressures of trying to achieve ever more stringent wastewater discharge consent limits, whilst at the same time also trying to reduce operational wastewater treatment costs.

AllWater Technologies Ltd is uniquely placed to provide expertise and guidance on wastewater treatment plant and wastewater management technologies, as well as advice on chemical storage and transfer solutions. This enables our clients to make informed and economically viable decisions in choosing the best possible wastewater treatment solutions to achieve strict operational and commercial requirements.

In addition to offering effluent and wastewater treatment plant, and management solutions, our knowledge of pure water systems means that we are ideally placed to assist our clients in determining if a sustainable wastewater solution can also be provided for recovery of water.

AWT offer a number of solutions for the recovery of high value process solutions, and where recovery or discharge to drain is not possible, we also offer various solutions to minimise wastewater volume prior to off-site disposal.

At AWT we have significant experience in the design and delivery of wastewater treatment plant and management solutions, across a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Anodising, Microelectronics, Surface Finishing, Chemical Processing, Food & Beverage industries, Metal Finishing, Microelectronics,  Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology and other manufacturing processes, all of which employ water either for rinsing or as part of their manufacturing process.

To achieve this we employ an extensive array of wastewater treatment technologies, which include:

  • chemical treatments (pH correction, Cr reduction, CN oxidation)
  • conventional settlement and filtration systems
  • membrane filtration (MF/UF/NF/RO)
  • vacuum evaporation
  • ion exchange for water recovery and selective removal of heavy metals.

To further complement our effluent and wastewater treatment technologies, we also offer our clients chemical storage and chemical transfer including chemical dosing systems.

Proudly independent for more than 50 years

Here at AWT, we’re proud of our reputation for flexible, cost-effective solutions to manage your requirements, complemented by our outstanding expertise and commitment to customer service.  Being entirely independent, we’re able to put our five decades of experience to use in order to create bespoke, holistic solutions focused on the individual needs of clients across a diverse range of industries.

We work with our clients not only to supply the most technologically advanced wastewater treatment systems, but also to provide a highly responsive back-up service to support them. This includes 24/7 telephone support, emergency loan equipment, onsite training and a team of highly skilled engineers across the country ready to assist.  Even if you’ve purchased equipment elsewhere, we can provide our renowned servicing and maintenance to offer you complete peace of mind.  We take a proactive approach to both service and support, in order to ensure optimum performance of your systems and minimise downtime for your business.

Our experience, expertise and dedication allow us to deliver a complete ‘end-to-end’ service – meaning we can provide everything you need without having to deal with multiple organisations.  For needs as simple as an industrial water softener or as complex as a wastewater treatment plant for an industrial setting, we’re dedicated to assisting you achieve significant operational improvement for your business.  Whatever industry you’re in, either in the UK or internationally, we’ll be with you at every stage of your system development.

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