Ion Exchange Resins

AllWater Technologies Ltd, in association with Purolite®, the world leading resin manufacturer, offer an extensive range of ion exchange resins for water treatment systems applications. This offer includes base exchange softening, dealkalisation, nitrate removal, organic scavenging and demineralisation.

In addition to the standard grades of strong and weak acid cation and strong and weak base anion exchange resins, monodisperse (uniform bead size) resins are also available, providing potentailly higher operating capacity with a lower pressure loss.

Ion Exchange Resins currently available include the following

Strong Acid Cation Gel
Polystyrenic, strong acid cation gel exchange resins are used in softening and demineralization of water and in other specialist applications. The products offer high physical strength and efficient operation over a wide range of operating conditions.

pdPurolite C100 – Softening and Demineralisation – Na+ Form
pdPurolite C100E – Softening – Na+ Form
pdPurolite C100H – Demineralisation – H+ Form
pdPurofine PFC100 – Demineralisation/Softening – Uniform Beads – Na+ Form
pdPurofine PFC100H – Demineralisation – Uniform Beads – H+ Form
pdPuropack PPC100 – Demineralisation/Softening – Packed Bed Grade – Na+ Form
pdPuropack PPC100H – Demineralisation – Packed Bed Grade – H+ Form

Weak Acid Cation
Gel Type Polyacrylic Weak Acid Cation exchanger (WAC) give high chemical efficiency in many applications, especially for the removal of bicarbonate alkalinity in water treatment and for treating aqueous organic solutions.

pdPurolite C104Plus – Dealkalisation, Deionisation High Capacity Resin – H+ Form

Organic Scavenger
Macroporous exchange resin designed for use as an organic scavenger, e.g. for the removal of tannins, fulvic and humic acids, from industrial water supplies.

pdPuroliteA502P/PS – Food Grade Organic Scavenger Resin (Polystyrenic)
pdPurolite A860/S – Food Grade Organic Scavenger Resin (Acrylic)

Strong Base Anion Gel
Strong-Base Anion (SBA) resins are used for dealkalization, deionization, demineralization, and organic removal. SBA’s have excellent operating capacity and good kinetics even when regenerant levels are comparatively low.

pdPurofine PFA200 – Regeneration Efficient Demineralisation – Uniform Beads – Cl- Form
pdPurofine PFA400 – Regeneration Efficient Demineralisation – Uniform Beads – Cl- Form
pdPurolite A200 – Demineralisation with High Regeneration Efficiency – Cl- Form
pdPurolite A400 – Regeneration Efficient Demineralisation/Silica Removal – Cl- Form
pdPurolite A850FL – Demineralisation of water containing organic matter. Excellent resistance to Organic Fouling – Cl- Form

Ready to Use Mixed Beds
Ready to use mixed beds are specially prepared high quality resin mixtures designed for direct purification of water. The ratio of component resins has been specifically tailored to provide high capacity. Performance, of the ready to use mixed bed, will depend on the application.

pdPurolite MB400 – Demineralisation – High quality, general purpose – H+/OH- Form

Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed
The Purolite® nuclear grade mixed bed resins are primarily equivalence blends for maximum exchangeable capacity.

pdPurolite NRW3240 – Primary Polishing – H+/OH- Form

IP1 and IP4 are inert plastic material beads with a specific gravity lower than that of water capable of floating just above the ion exchange bed. The use of a layer of this media improves the distribution of water and the collection of the spent regenerant in the top part of the vessel.

pdPurolite IP1
pdPurolite IP4

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