pH and Redox

With increasing legislation and environmental demands, accurate measurement and control of wastewater parameters is essential for the treatment of effluent to minimize potential environmental impact.

The simplest and most useful of these is pH, the measurement of acidity and alkalinity of the solution. pH is one of the most common analytical measurements used in process control as many chemical reactions rely on the pH of a process being maintained at the correct value. By using accurate pH measurement it is possible to automate and improve the efficiency of a process; minimizing waste and reducing costs.

Our pH electrodes and Redox electrodes are available in many different configurations for tank or pipe mounting applications.

Self-cleaning and spray wash adapters can be fitted to the electrodes to reduce maintenance; this is particularly useful in waste streams applications that may coat the electrode. Corresponding instrumentation can also be configured to control the cleaning cycles and amounts of cleaning solutions used.

Redox measurement is used in many industrial applications for controlling the addition of reagents to treat toxic chemicals and render them harmless.

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