Gauges and Transmitters

AllWater Technologies Ltd supplies an extensive range of pressure products for equipment and plant room applications, this includes: Pressure Gauges, Meters Water Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters & Gauge Accessories such as Gauge Cocks.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are available in sizes from 40mm to 300mm in a variety of mounting arrangements including
– direct mount
– surface mount,
– panel mount
– clamp fixing
– 3-hole back flange

Available also in a variety of casing materials and scales with options for glycerine fill and many being available on next day delivery

Pressure Switches


Pressure switches are widely used throughout industry and manufacturing to provide electrical feedback in response to a reading of a rise or fall in pressure. They are typically adjustable with regard to the chosen set point of operation.

Pressure switches or sensors are used to respond to fluid pressure, e.g. as pneumatic pressure switches in pumps and compressors, or hydraulic pressure switches in automotive engineering.

AllWater Technologies Ltd can supply pressure switches for many types of measurement applications, including single pole single throw for simple monitoring in a system, and single pole double throw for more advanced requirements.

For robust and high accuracy demands, electronic pressure switches are also available.

Temperature Sensors
In many industrial processes the temperature of the machine or machine components plays a fundamental role. A temperature switch or temperature sensor can measure temperature in a number of ways and use this information as part of a processed controlled application. AllWater Technologies are pleased to provide a wide range of different temperature sensors for application specific purposes.

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