Flow Monitoring

AllWater Technologies Ltd supply an extensive choice of flow meters providing solutions across a broad range of activities; these range from a simple low cost plastic Variable Area Flow Meter (Rotameter) to high accuracy Electromagnetic Flow Indicators and Sensors with optional Pulse Output for continuous measurement.

Variable Area Flowmeter (Rotameter) – Mechanical Variable Area Flow Meters (also known as Rotameters) provide direct viewing of flow rate for basic flow measurement by simple alignment of the float with scale markings on the rotameter flow tube. An ideal low cost option for visual indication.

Ultrasonic/Doppler Flow Meters – Non-invasive Ultrasonic Flow Meters offer an accurate and reliable measurement solution with no operational downtime or system pressure loss.

Developed to provide exact readings at both high and low levels, the Ultrasonic Flow Meter typically uses a double beam measuring technique to record flow rate and volume; the absence of moving parts resulting in a very high degree of reliability.

Available in a compact format design with built -in multifunction LCD display (showing volume, flow rate and flow direction), the Ultrasonic Flow Meter offers the opportunity for signal integration into existing PLC units and a high level of accuracy as either a clamp-on or inline installation.

Portable units are also available for multi-system/site monitoring.

Turbine/Paddle Wheel Flow Meters – Turbine/Paddlewheel Flow Meters offer a relatively low cost, high accuracy option for many flow applications. These mechanical meters employ a freely rotating turbine set in the path of a fluid stream flow to record velocity. Simple in design, these flow meters are able to measure high flow rates with low pressure loss and as such makes them popular choices for large commercial and industrial users.

Though versatile, turbine meters do best in applications with constant conditions with strainers generally required to be installed in front of the meter to protect the measuring element from suspended solids.

Magnetic Flow Meters (Mag Meters) – This velocity-type unit employs electromagnetic properties to determine the water flow velocity and will require an electrical input to operate the electromagnets (this can be a battery or mains supply). Mag meters can offer flow totalisation and can be useful for measuring untreated/raw water and waste-water, there being no mechanical measuring element to get clogged or damaged by debris.

Flow sensors and other accessories to support specific requirement and applications are also available.

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