Service & Support

We know that it is important to our service clients that their water treatment plant is running both efficiently and at optimum performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this reason we provide a variety of servicing and support options ranging from routine maintenance service visits to ensure that everything is running as it should be to visits specifically to refurbish or repair existing equipment.

We provide the following core services:

    • Routine servicing and maintenance (we might want to put something about the service agreements in this bit??)
    • Equipment inspection, refurbishment and repair
    • Installation, commissioning and decommissioning
    • Emergency support and loan of equipment

Whilst on site, we can also provide advice or assistance with

    • Process review
    • Water analysis
    • Calibration services
    • On-site training and technical support

Routine Servicing and Maintenance

Because we understand and recognise the importance of efficient, trouble free, uninterrupted production, we work in partnership with our service clients to design service agreements that are cost effective and that meet their specific servicing and maintenance needs.

Tailored specifically to your requirements, an AllWater Technologies Service Agreement provides the ideal opportunity to manage both your routine and unplanned maintenance in an economically viable and timely manner, safe in the knowledge that you are backed by an experienced, professional team of trusted water treatment experts at all times.

Whether your existing equipment has been provided by AllWater Technologies or another water purification provider, we are happy to offer a Service Agreement to suit your requirements.

Nationwide coverage provided by our committed service engineers is co-ordinated by our dedicated UK team and with visits being planned alongside your production scheduling, we will assist you in minimising downtime; ultimately avoiding costly, non-production periods.

Bespoke consumables packages can be provided to support your specific installation and with all service engineers carrying verifiable, calibrated monitoring equipment you can be sure that we are very suitably equipped to maximise the value of every site visit.

A Service Report, supported by a full technical service schedule, site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement, is provided at every visit and will provide detailed operational information about your equipment, enabling you to monitor performance and make informed decisions about future maintenance and system or production requirements.

Your AllWater Technologies Service Agreement also provides you with access to other benefits, including free telephone support from our highly skilled technical team, priority response to callout situations should they occur and preferential service rates.

Essentially, a partnership with AllWater Technologies provides peace of mind, meaning that your production schedules are protected to maximum effect whilst you retain an overview of your maintenance budget.

Key Benefits of a Service Agreement with AllWater

        • All routine visits undertaken by highly skilled experienced specialist water treatment engineers (whenever possible by the same engineer each time)
        • Priority given to service agreement customers for emergency callouts
        • Preferential service rates
        • Service agreements designed by the customer and tailored to the customer’s specific requirements
        • Routine visits undertaken at time to suit the customer
        • 24/7 telephone support
        • Fully calibrated monitoring equipment used by our service engineers that is traceable and certificated
        • Full service report at every visit
        • Opportunity to discuss any equipment concerns, water purity issues or any future training needs
        • Spares and consumables at competitive rates
        • Online access to service reports and quotes (you may want to reorder these bullet points into most important and there may be more to add)


Equipment Inspection, Refurbishment and Repair

We appreciate that not everyone wishes to commit to a service agreement and for this reason we can offer planned service visits by an experienced water treatment engineer on a pre-arranged date to inspect, refurbish or repair existing equipment.   Our engineers will work alongside you to complete a full inspection of your equipment and will offer practical solutions to meet your current or future needs.

Extending the life of existing equipment can often be achieved through careful day-to-day maintenance and almost instant operational improvement can be achieved through the replacement of exhausted media, worn seals and gaskets, blocked filters or ineffective, tired pumps and valves. We will always provide you with advice as to whether a piece of equipment is suitable for refurbishment or repair or whether it would be more cost effective to provide a replacement. We can offer you replacement equipment at competitive rates quickly and with minimum disruption.

Installation, Commissioning & Decommissioning Services

Subject to site survey and discussion, we are pleased to offer installation & commissioning services including the installation of ABS, PVC, uPVC and Stainless Steel pipework, the mechanical installation of equipment, certified electrical installation by qualified personnel and the commissioning of plant and associated PLC equipment.

Similarly, when equipment comes to the end of its commercially useful life, we can be on hand to ensure that all is safely decommissioned prior to possible recycling or disposal.

Should you need to replace your existing water treatment plant or any part of it, our team of project specialists can offer you advice and a bespoke proposal. (insert link to projects page)

Emergency Support and Loan of Equipment

Emergency situations can usually be prevented when there are arrangements in place for routine servicing and repairs where potential future problems can be identified and rectified. However, from time to time, emergencies do occur. Our knowledgeable and experienced technical team are always available to offer guidance and support in emergency situations; those clients that hold Service Agreements with us, having 24 hour, seven day a week dedicated, direct access to this important facility.

On site engineering assistance and the emergency supply of critical components further enhances this service ensuring viable and, wherever possible, uninterrupted production.

On the occasion of catastrophic plant failure, as an interim measure whilst new equipment is being sourced or to provide additional resource during peak demand periods, AllWater Technologies are able to provide a wide range of high quality equipment subject to short or long term loan arrangements. This can be as simple as the provision of pre charged exchange cylinders, the supply of a portable Reverse Osmosis Unit or the delivery & on-going site maintenance of a containerised Mobile Water Treatment System.

Whatever you need and whenever you might need it, we are here to assist you in ensuring that production can be sustained & site viability, preserved.

Process Review

During site visits our engineers can offer you a process review. This presents an opportunity to check that your system is operating efficiently and effectively and providing you with the quality & volume of supply you require to satisfy your processes.

Our knowledgeable & experienced technical team will take time to discuss any historical performance data that you may have available, record and evaluate all current operating 1 readings and following a detailed assessment, will discuss possible further optimisation.

Water Analysis

AllWater Technologies can also offer an extensive range of water analysis and testing equipment, laboratory services and on site assistance.
Our aim is to support your specific requirement and in doing so enable you to operate in the most cost effective & efficient manner.

Our water analysis service includes, but is not limited to, the supply of

        • Test strips, Titration or ‘drop’ test, chemical reagents & site specific monitoring kits
        • Portable instruments including pocket sensors and meters for pH, conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, turbidity and dissolved oxygen*
        • In-line conductivity, resistivity, pH and TOC monitoring equipment*
        • Silt Density Indexing
        • Multi parameter Photometers*

* Calibration services are also available to ensure the accurate and reliable on-going performance of your monitoring equipment.

Working alongside UKAS and INAB accredited laboratories we provide a comprehensive range of chemical & biological accredited water testing services across a broad range of industries – including raw, potable, process and waste – ensuring that the required UK or EU regulations are met and full compliance maintained.

Calibration Services

Service and technical support are an integral part of our business development and growth with calibration to traceable standards being provided both in house and in liaison with a network of approved UKAS accredited supplier. (not sure I really understand this in terms of this being a service to the customers)

On-site Training and Technical Support

We are able to provide you with training and technical support for both new or existing equipment. (do you do training for existing equipment? I am assuming so but obviously remove if not)

Should you purchase a water treatment plant or replacement equipment from us, we can offer you training and support, on request, to provide you with a greater understanding and appreciation of the new technology you will be managing on a day-to-day basis. Our training forms an integral part of our turnkey design service and we believe is essential in enabling you to gain ownership and understand the needs of your new equipment such that you can enjoy continuous high performance from your new plant.

We are also happy to provide you with hands-on training for existing equipment to support initial fault finding and to run basic checks to make sure the equipment is running efficiently.