Water Analysis

AllWater Technologies Ltd is pleased to offer an extensive range of water analysis and testing equipment, laboratory services and on site assistance.

Our aim is to support your specific requirement and in doing so enable you to operate in the most cost effective & efficient manner.

Our offer includes, but is not limited to, the supply of

– Test strips, Titration or ‘drop’ test, chemical reagents & site specific monitoring kits

– Portable instruments including pocket sensors and meters for pH, conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, turbidity and dissolved oxygen*

– In-line conductivity, resistivity, pH and TOC monitoring equipment*

– Silt Density Indexing

– Multi parameter Photometers*

* Calibration services are also available to ensure the accurate and reliable on-going performance of your monitoring equipment.

Working alongside UKAS and INAB accredited laboratories we provide a comprehensive range of chemical & biological accredited water testing services across a broad range of industries – including raw, potable, process and waste – ensuring that the required UK or EU regulations are met and full compliance maintained.

For further information about any of our services or products please contact us by

Calling us on +44 (0) 1934 751333

Emailing us at enquiries@allwatertech.co.uk

Or completing and submitting the form found on our Contact page.