Loan of Equipment and Emergency Support

Our knowledgeable & experienced technical team are always available to offer guidance and support; those clients that hold Service Agreements with us, having 24 hour, seven day a week dedicated, direct access to this important facility.

On site engineering assistance and the emergency supply of critical components further enhances this service ensuring viable and, wherever possible, uninterrupted production.

On the occasion of catastrophic plant failure, as an interim measure whilst new equipment is being sourced or to provide additional resource during peak demand periods, AllWater Technologies Ltd are able to provide a wide range of high quality equipment subject to short or long term loan arrangements.

This can be as simple as the provision of pre charged exchange cylinders, the supply of a portable Reverse Osmosis Unit or the delivery & on-going site maintenance of a containerised Mobile Water Treatment System.

Whatever you need and whenever you might  need it, we are here to assist you in ensuring that production can be sustained & site viability, preserved.

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