Room with a view – April 2020

As with many, my working environment is looking rather different this month – I can certainly say that the view from my office window is significantly nicer, albeit the interference created by a rather inquisitive ginger cat has had a detrimental effect on the quality of my documents (as he trots across my keyboard, unaware that I am not here to play and anxious for my immediate attention!).

Pets aside, a certain level of work is being achieved and lots of good things being put in place in readiness for normal service to be resumed, whatever that new ‘normal’ will be!

To be honest though, I am ashamed to say that the levels of self-discipline I am able to display at work (where there are no biscuits, cake or chocolate bars) are not being maintained. My gym sends me regular reminders that they have posted workouts on Facebook that I can enjoy but despite their best efforts, I am failing miserably.

The team are all tremendously supportive, not just of the business and clients but also in helping keep morale up amongst their colleagues, with the ‘ping’ as another WhatsApp arrives, helping to break the peace and quiet of the home office.

However you are managing, particularly those of you in the frontline right now, keep up the good work, keep smiling and be sure to catch just a moment of the lovely Spring that is emerging in spite of the madness that currently surrounds us!

P.S. Has anyone else has a problem with their washing recently? I’m not sure that I am doing anything differently but the waistbands on all my jeans appear to be shrinking (come to think of it, it’s happened even on those I haven’t put through the wash yet! Oh well – I am sure I’ll work it out or perhaps ‘off’ might be a better description).

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