Rocket Race – May 2019

Launched back in Autumn 2015, Rocket Race has gathered ‘Mudstacle’ nominations for Best Value, Best Newcomer, Best Event for Beginners, Innovative Obstacles and Best Mud!

Designed by Obstacle Course racing lovers, Rocket Race aims to squeeze as many fun and challenging obstacles into its course as possible, offering an event that really is all about the obstacles rather than the running.

So what could be more relaxing on a cold April day, whilst Storm Hannah blasts in across the UK than taking part, with a few friends, as Kim Hunter, our Office Manager did.

They suggest in the blurb ‘The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it’ but I guess that depends how you feel about getting down and dirty in the Bog Trotter or how prepared you are ‘to eat dirt’ in Neptune’s Net!

Battered bruised and not a little blue from the cold Kim did however return safely to us , elated by her success (and for some bizarre reason) suggesting that we might like to join her next year… unfortunately I am pretty sure I am washing my hair on that day so that’s me out but I’m not sure about others?!

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