Pure Water Systems

As a leader in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of Pure Water Systems we have the pleasure of working alongside teams both in the UK and globally and are now pleased to share with you a brief overview of our most recently completed projects.

  • Global Automotive Manufacturing Facility , UK – Duplex 10 m3/hr  AWT Reverse Osmosis Plants with Activated Carbon Filtration and  Antiscalent Dosing.
  • World Leading Food Manufacturer, UK – 10 m3/hr Reverse Osmosis Plant with Activated Carbon Filtration and Duplex Water Softeners.
  • Advanced Technology Coatings Developer (Prestige Automotive Manufacturing), UK – 4 m3/hr Reverse Osmosis Plant with Polishing Cylinders.
  • Global Manufacturer of Customised Precision Enclosures, UK – 4 m3/hr Deionisation Plant with Day Tanks.
  • Leading Precision Electronics Manufacturer, UK – 1.1 m3/hr RO/EDI with ancillary plant items.
  • Global Packaging Company, South Africa – Duplex 20 m3/hr Water Softeners.
  • World Leading Supplier of Can Making Machinery, Germany – 4 m3/hr RO plant, AC filters and duplex softeners.
  • International Automotive Industry Manufacturer, UK – 800 lph RO/EDI with ancillary plant items.
  • Leading Manufacturer of Thermoplastic Process Plant, UK – 2 m3/hr Reverse Osmosis Plant with Activated Carbon Filtration and Duplex Water Softeners.
  • National Facilities Organisation, UK – 1.2 m3/hr RO plant and ancillaries.
  • International Pharmaceutical Industry Manufacturing Facility, UK – Installation of polishing System for Pharmaceutical application water treatment plant.

At AllWater Technologies Ltd we strive to ensure that our clients receive the very highest level of service at all time but only they are able to tell you if this is achieved.

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