Introducing the AWT Compact Maxi Reverse Osmosis Range

Many of our clients think they need a bespoke system to improve the quality of their water.  However, for many of our clients a standard unit from one of our product ranges is all that’s needed.   We’ve recently been asked by customers to design a standard RO system that combines a high volume flow rate with a much smaller footprint than other standard systems.  Taking this feedback on board, we’re now delighted to introduce our new AWT Compact Maxi RO range.

This new standard model completes our family of standard RO systems which can accommodate flow rates from 300 litres per hour up to 16,200 litre per hour.  There are three models within our new Compact Maxi range which range in flow rate from 5,800 litres per hour up to 8,200 litres per hour. Whilst the flow rate differs from model to model, they all share the same footprint (1900H x 3100mmW and 1000mmD).

Manufactured at our UK premises in Rooksbridge, Somerset, our Compact Maxi range, like all our RO ranges, includes all the features we believe are necessary for optimal performance and easy maintenance. Unlike many other RO systems on the market, our AWT Reverse Osmosis Systems (above 500 lph range) include the optional facility for integrating and controlling up to an additional four pumps.  Furthermore, we include Cleaning in Place (CIP) connectivity as standard and at no extra cost on all our RO systems with a flow rate greater than 500 litres per hour.  Finally, all our RO systems are provided with a sample port on each RO vessel which allows our engineers to test the permeate quality from individual RO membranes, an essential tool when fault finding.

AllWater Service Director, John Nicholson, explains: ‘We have a highly experienced team of Service Engineers here at AWT and they not only service our own equipment but also equipment designed and built by other companies.  From the issues raised by our service team in relation to servicing other RO equipment, we realised there were few RO system ranges on the market that considered ongoing maintenance for the client and more importantly cost.   That’s why we developed our own AWT RO range.  It’s never been just about selling a product to us, it’s all about building a lasting relationship with our clients and helping them keep future downtime and cost to a minimum.’

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