‘Hotting-up!’ – August 2020

August may not have been so warm for many (with the summer manging to disappoint once again as soon as the ‘holidays’ began) but things are certainly ‘hotting-up’ at AWT!

The workshop team have been working flat out in recent weeks, putting the finishing touches to a new DI Water Recovery System, designed in house to satisfy the requirement of a new aerospace manufacturing facility in the Midlands.

The system incorporates Activated Carbon Filtration, Co-Current Duplex Deionisation and Polishing, 10m³ Batch Treatment, Semi Bulk Tanks, Filter Press and associated Skid Mounted Pumps and Storage.

With a great deal of care and barley an inch to spare all items were recently loaded onto a bespoke delivery for onward transit to site in preparation for subsequent installation and commissioning by further members of the team.

Nice work all!

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