Exchange & Supply of Regenerable Cylinders

AllWater Technologies Ltd is pleased to offer a wide range of exchangeable media cylinders suitable for providing quality treated water without the need for capital investment or the provision of on-site chemicals.

Employing a range of media, an immediate solution can be achieved in

  • Reducing & controlling Total Organic Content (TOC)
  • Removing or reducing Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Providing a pre-treatment solution to systems such as Reverse Osmosis or Deionisation (that might otherwise be irrevocably damaged by organic fouling or chlorine attack).
  • Removing other potentially harmful compounds

All cylinders are manufactured, as standard, in a range of sizes to suit your varying requirements, with full traceability of product and manufacturing process being recorded, for your peace of mind.

The AllWater Technologies Ltd standard range currently includes the following solutions

Standard Mixed Bed Deionisation – suitable for industrial applications such as metal finishing, window cleaning, general laboratory use where low grade deionised water is required.
We are able to offer the highest possible capacity on these units by ensuring that ‘virgin’ rather than ‘regenerated/recycled’ resins are always used.

Nuclear Grade Mixed Bed Deionisation – suitable for industrial applications such as pharmaceutical and micro-electronics where a higher grade deionised water is required.
For those looking to achieve the highest quality pure water then this unit is for you.
Additional processing of the resin ensures minimum chloride leakage, lower TOC levels than the Standard Mixed Bed option and thus a higher quality water for those that require it.

Ultrapure Mixed Bed Deionisation – suitable for ultrapure water systems, encapsulated laboratory activity and closed loop installations where purity is critical.

Acid Rinsed Coconut Based Carbon Filtration – suitable for the effective removal of chlorine from town’s mains.

Special Charcoal Filtration – suitable for organic reduction and low level chlorine removal.

Standard Cation Exchange – suitable for water softening applications.

Series 1, 2 and 5 cylinders are supplied with ¾” Durapipe socket unions connections (horizontal orientation) with the larger Series 9 and 10 cylinders being supplied with 1” Durapipe socket union connections (vertical orientation), as standard.

Specific other water treatment cylinders can be made available on request.

Please note that due to the handling by AllWater Technologies Ltd personnel, of spent media, our exchange service is only available for products that have been used on a potable water supply.

Cylinders can be made available for other applications but we regret that these will be provided on a ‘supply only’ basis.

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