AWT’s Lush Solution – October 2017

reverse osmosis unitThe Lush Creative Showcase is just a few weeks away… the creative team have been working for months to make this year’s event the biggest and best yet and have devised the most amazing Bath Bomb Extravaganza as the centre piece to the show – with Snow Fairy Jelly Bombs, Sherbet Dips, Pink Pumpkin Bubble Bars and Ectoplasm (yes , that’s the one that turns your bath into a ghoulish glow in the dark jelly!) cascading along a slalom run hung from the roof and cascading down into a fabulous splash pool – there will be colour, sparkle and fabulous scent but wait… there is just one large tank of water to last the whole event and no access to a fresh mains supply… that is going to make for one very messy bath!

AllWater take the call from Pendle Hill however and jump to the rescue.

Pink Pumpkin Bubbel BarAfter much discussion and some fun trials (our workshops have really NEVER smelt so good!) an AWT Reverse Osmosis Plant is dispatched complete with Carbon Exchange Cylinders and additional filtration.

Sweet success – the bath bombs land all weekend, much to the delight of fans, in an explosion of glitter and perfume!

Thanks so much to the Lush Earthcare Team for allowing us to get involved – we can’t wait for next year!

P S and who says that water treatment can’t be fun?

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