AWT invests in latest 3D modelling software to improve customer experience and to streamline product development

Because many of the water treatment projects that we design, build and install are unique, it can be difficult for our customers to visualise exactly what the end product will look like once it is built and installed on site.  For this reason, and to help streamline the product development process, AWT has recently invested in the latest 3D modelling software, Solidworks Premium 2020.

Compared with conventional 2D drawing software, with Solidworks you can create accurate virtual reality 3D animations at the design phase of a new project.   Before manufacturing even takes place, the customer can get a detailed view of how the project will look on completion in addition to a simulation of the entire assembly process.  This simulation feature ensures that any solutions to any potential issues that could arise during assembly are identified and resolved by the build team before any assembly work even takes place.  To see the software in action, watch our film.

Jijin John, Mechanical Design Engineer at AWT says: ‘I’ve used this software now for several years but in other companies, so it’s wonderful that I can now use this at AWT.  The software is user-friendly and with all the information relating to a particular project stored on one seamless integrated system, it means I can work more efficiently with my colleagues in the workshop, who oversee the build.  Another advantage with this software is that as soon as I have made a change to the design, this change can instantly be seen by my workshop colleagues.  The software’s ability to draw up the list or Bill of Materials (BOM) needed for manufacture is also very helpful.   Whilst I particularly like the realistic photo rendering and simulation features, my favourite feature has to be the walk-through virtual reality feature!  This helps my colleagues really explain all the finer details of the project with our customers.’