Waste Water Treatment

In today’s challenging environment companies with waste water streams operate with the dual pressures of trying to achieve ever more stringent discharge consent limits whilst reducing operational costs.

AllWater Technologies Ltd provides expertise, technologies and guidance enabling clients to make informed and economically viable decisions in choosing the best possible treatment solutions to achieve operational and commercial requirements.

In addition to offering effluent & waste water treatment solutions, our knowledge of pure water systems means that we are ideally placed to assist you in determining if a sustainable solution can also be provided for recovery of water.

We offer a number of solutions for the recovery of high value process solutions and where recovery or discharge to drain is not possible we similarly offer a number of solutions to minimise waste volume prior to off-site disposal.

AllWater Technologies Ltd have significant experience in the design and delivery of solutions, across a wide range of industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Anodising, Microelectronics, Surface Finishing and other manufacturing processes, all of which employ water either for rinsing or as part of the manufacturing process.

An extensive array of treatment technologies are available, including

– chemical treatments (pH correction, Cr reduction, CN oxidation)
– conventional settlement and filtration systems
– membrane filtration (MF/UF/NF/RO)
– oily water separation
– vacuum evaporation
– ion exchange for water recovery and selective removal of heavy metals.

To further complement our effluent and waste water treatment technologies we also offer chemical storage and transfer systems, including chemical dosing.

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